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Our third party logistics (3pl) Technology

The application of technology is essential throughout the whole order fulfilment process. RF Scanning (Barcode Scanners), Order Management System (OMS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS) create a powerful and entire data network, connecting you with our professional 3pl services.

Systems Integration

     Easy to set up. No setup and service fees. One-off work.  

Order management system –Jerry

Our in-house developed order management system provides you with excellent and fast order management experiences.

1. Real-time inventory tracking

  • Inventory received data in our fulfilment centres

  • Stock level after daily order fulfilment

  • Returned and deposed data updates

2. Order management

  • Create, edit, update, hold, delete and track orders

  • View real-time order fulfillment status

3. Reporting

  • Compare sales of different SKUs

  • Track real-time, daily, monthly, yearly and selected time order volumes

  • Customer analysis

4. Real-time retuning tracking

  • Create, edit, update, hold and delete new return request

  • Check status of return orders

5. Least cost shipping

  • Choose your preferred courier companies in Jerry or let our system calculate the most economic courier plan for you automatically.

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