Our outstanding third party logistics (3pl) services

Our end-to-end third party logistics (3pl) services since 2010 will truly get you out of the complexity of daily order fulfillment, inventory and return management and keep you focus on sales with an easy mind.

More about Our 3pl Services

1. International Freight services


We ship your inventory to our warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane from other countries. Increase your profit margins and create new competitive price strategies for your business, without worrying about inventory volumes, import paper work and customs clearance.

4. Pick and Pack


Instead of a fully automated system in our order fulfilment services, we combine the best of both worlds by leveraging technology to help our 300+ well trained staff to pick and pack your orders using nice and unique branded. This makes your order fulfilment processes totally under control and eco-friendly.

7. Inventory Management


Manage and keep track of your inventory through our smart platform, with real-time inventory data on inventory receiving, order shipment and order return to help you understand your customers.

2. Domestic Freight Services


Orders skyrocketing and need an emergency inventory shipment? Your outsourcing 3pl has their own fleet of trucks than can handle everything for you. We are flexible to meet your unexpected demands.

5. Order Shipment


We guarantee same day order fulfilment and shipment if your orders flow in before 2pm. 

8. Shopping Cart Integration


Shopify, Ebay, Amazon, Magento… Manage inventory, order, return and delivery through just one integrated portal. Login any time and it is totally free.

3. Warehousing and Storage


We have secure, scalable and reliable warehouses and fulfilment centres in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with total areas of 59,000 squared meters and expected total order processing capacity reaching 306,500 per day.

​6. Reverse Logistics


Thinking about whether to have a return commitment on your e-commerce business? Although it increases orders, this leads to an enormous workload – returned order receiving, quality rechecking, repacking, inventory recalculating… But hand this to our professional 3pl fulfilment centres and our experienced staff handle everything for you, hassle free.

9. Value Added Services


We meet your special demands, and would like talk about it and figure out a way to deal with it as one of the most professional, reliable, scalable and flexible 3pl companies in Australia.

Frequently asked questions

Who are these sessions for?

Our Meditative Morning sessions are for anyone who wants to take control of their wellness routine. By doing breathing practices, asanas we engage the body; by practicing meditation and by doing mindfulness activities we learn to live in the present moment and live more fully and with the Movement Therapy we learn to tune into our body and learn to express emotions that our body holds but the mind can not process.

Is there any fee for joining these sessions?

Our afternoon sharing session are free for anyone to join in. Our morning and evening sessions are paid but have a free trial that you can sign up for to experience them before you purchase a subscription.

How do I join the session?

Our Meditative Morning sessions are availabe in a monthly package of 1 and 2 months. You can also purchase a trial pack which is available at a promotional price for anyone who wants to sample our sessions before commiting to a monthly plan. The packages are available under the Plans and Packages tab in the menu.

Why should I pay and subscribe for these classes when there are so many free resources available online?

Well, yes there a tons of free yoga videos and meditation resources available online, so here are 3 reasons why you should consider joining our sessions 1) When we do yoga by watching a video and in the absence of a trained instructor, we often we end up doing the asanas in an incorrect way which can do more harm than good, this also increases the chances of injuries. Our Yoga instructors guide you step by step and monitor you while you practice, offering posture corrections and gently nudging you to push yourself during the sessions and keeping the sessions interactive and open for you to ask questions during or after the sessions 2) Our Mindfulness and Meditation sessions along with our Dance Movement Therapy sessions are highly interactive sessions where we do interactive activities together. Also our DMT sessions are highly curated where the sessions evolve and every next session is designed keeping the participants comfort and progress in mind. 3) These sessions are highly curated and our content is very exclusive and unique Also, these sessions are not about being an audience in an event, the idea is to spend less time inside our heads, not be alone and join a community of peers taking the first step towards self-care. Also, the biggest challenge in DIY practices is lack of consistency, staying with us in our program ensures consistency that it absolutely essential to build a sucessful habit

Will I get individual attention in these classes?

Yes, our instructors take care of all the participants and ensure everyone gets a chance to interact. In our Yoga sessions, our instructors monitor the participants and offer posture corrections during the practice. Also, you are free to interact with the trainer anytime during the session, to seek help and ask any questions that you might have about the practice being done at that time in the session.

Can I subscribe to any one type of session, eg only Yoga or only Mindfulness and Meditation sessions?

No, we do not offer these sessions seperately.