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Here are some frequently asked questions about us.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us! Our friendly staff will assist you to find the perfect solution.

  • What differentiates us from other 3PLs?
    We have alot of experience in international bulk freights (especially with China) that many other 3pl companies are not able to handle and this will save you a lot of money when your suppliers are out of Australia We have our own fleet (vans and trucks) and a strong network of warehouses which allows us to offer competitive prices (such as relocating your warehouse) and save money in your budget. We have been working with ecommerce clients for about 10 years, and we do not only provide 3pl services, but also offer ecommerce marketing and new product development advice. We offer hand pick and pack that is supported by in house technology, thus fulfilling your products with more carefulness and flexibilities Experience working with big clients with high volume of orders such as Alibaba, Woolworths and Chemist Warehouse for years, we have plenty of experience in dealing with high peaks of orders
  • What clients are you looking for?
    We have been working with enterprises of all sizes and types for years, such as Woolworths, Chemist warehouse, Miniso and Tesalate. At present, we would like to support more smaller ecommerce businesses or new start-ups to help them grow and succeed in their business. We focus on long-term potential collaborations.
  • What type of products are you able to handle?
    All types of products of all sizes from cookware, fashion, food, home fitness equipment to electronic product. For those products with special sizes and weights, we would like to discuss it with you and figure out a way to deal with it.
  • How many warehouses do you have in Sydney?
    We current have 2 warehouses in Sydney and there is another one in preparation. One is 10,000 square metres, the other is 45,000 square metres, and the coming one is 11,000 square metres.
  • What is your warehouse network?
    We have warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Melbourne, Perth and China.
  • Can you help ship my inventory from China?
    Yes, we can. We have an experienced team particularly experienced in handling bulk goods to and from China. If you are a new start-up and want to explore different opportunities to import and export products from China, our professional team will offer the help.
  • How do you do return logistics?
    Through our main partner - Australia Post, your customer is able to simply return their products. Our team checks the quality of returned products and sort the faulty ones from good. We will relabel and repack for resell, while faulty products will be disposed out. Finally, we process the data on the system for you to manage.
  • Can I monitor my order fulfilment process?
    You can monitor all your order fulfilment through our well-covered warehouse video filming.
  • Can I inspect my inventory after it gets to your warehouses?
    Yes, we welcome our clients come and visit their product from time to time, but a forehand notice is required.
  • What ecommerce platforms have you integrated?
    So far, we have integrated more than 20 ecommerce platforms, including Shopify, Ebay, Amazon, Woo ecommerce, Magento, Big commerce, Alibaba just to name a few.
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