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What is the cheapest way to ship from China?

Here are tips we need to know before shipping goods from China:

1.Shipping from China by LCL or FCL Sea Freight is the cheapest way (Less container load or full container load)

Every week the agency have shipping schedule from China to all around the world. For transportation, LCL (less container load)sea freight is the cheapest way to import the goods. The most popular port for export is in Guangzhou city.

2. Custom Clearance. For import and export goods you need full documents for doing custom clearance. All the shipping companies has custom clearance service at destination port no matter where you shipping to. Normally you need: commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, bill of landing, bank draft and so on ( depends on which goods you are importing) For overseas companies has no registration record at destination country could used DDP (Delivery duty paid) condition for custom clearance and ship directly to aiming destination.

3. Last mile delivery to the destination location

Once your product landed in your country, you can claim tax return if your country has free trade agreement with China.

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