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What is e-commerce fulfilment?

Ecommerce fulfilment is a purchase order process on ecommerce platform. Normally the website received the order, the order will automatically link to warehouse system. Once the staff received the order information they will find the product to pick, pack and ship. Sounds easy but there are many knowledge behind if you are running ecommerce by yourself.

  1. Inventory: When you running your own ecommerce business, you need to figure out the customer orders could subtract your inventory automatically.

  2. Dimension and shipping cost: For Amazon merchants, their product could be shipped by FBA, but if you are running independent website, you need figure out the dimension and weight to calculate the rate and what is the margin you earn after shipping.

  3. Storage: For small business you normally store the product at your own garage. Once you grown the business, finding a 3pl warehouse and logistics is the way to handle the large quantity orders. Storage fee could be high depends the product dimension and weight too. Normally the company will charge you weekly by shelf or pallet.

In general, it`s an rough idea for you to think what you need to involved in ecommerce fulfilment, any questions please feel free to click our "contact me" page for further discussion.

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