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4 tips to help you find the right 3PL partner.

While a great product and marketing strategy are vital to achieve success in an online business, a successful logistics and fulfilment process to the end customer can help take your business to a higher level. Here are 4 tips to help you find the right 3pl partner as an ecommerce small business or a start-up.

1. Find Value Adding 3PL Services

Although some 3PL’s offer basic services, other experienced and professional 3pl’s such as eFulfil may also offer value adding services such as consulting and business development advice. While utilising their services, be sure to ask them for consultations on business decisions from a professional logistics perspective, so that you can avoid unnecessary hassles and issues in the future.

2. Scalable and Comprehensive Services

In today’s logistics landscape, there are many different things to consider including warehousing locations, quantities, dimensions and security, order fulfilment, inventory management, return logistic etc. Having a 3pl that is able to handle high volumes while also offering a large range of comprehensive services will make sure that your business is in the prime position to accommodate for future growth.

3. Flexibility

The landscape of ecommerce is changing all the time. Fads and trends come and go. Changing a 3pl can be time consuming. To avoid this, small businesses or start-ups need to think in the long-term – “Can my 3pl support me through my growth or decline and stay consistent?”

4. Client Type

Client type refers to the type of clients that the 3PL provider mainly focuses on. Some 3pl providers only care about the clients with high order volumes while others focus on the long-term success and building relationships with small ecommerce businesses, start-ups and grow the business with their clients together. Therefore, doing your research and analysis into previous successful clients are essential for ecommerce small businesses for find a good 3pl partner.


In conclusion, consider the short term, long term, services that your businesses may need in the future and do your research to find the best 3PL provider for you!

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