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Our Professional Inventory & Return Management Service

Inventory management and reverse logistics are both technology and labour demanded, while our smart order manage system and well-trained staff will perfectly fulfil these demands.

Real-time Inventory management

Inventory management is far easier through our smart system. Real-time tracking is applied. All behaviours about inventory are recorded. You can view all live data after logging into the portal about inventory receiving, daily order fulfilment volumes and return process.

Reverse Logistics

It is essential to make a return commitment for ecommerce business and we are an expert in processing customer returns.

We do products quality check first up and sort out faulty from good before we rescan quantity back into system. 

Values Added 3pl Services

Ecommerce marketing advices

We would like to be your experienced and reliable ecommerce business partner if needed.


Relabelling happens frequently during order fulfilment process and we are always ready.

Gift wrap & special pack

We are experienced in providing personised packing services that help our clients create recognizable brands.

Quality check

Our frequent quality check services help you avoid customer complaints.

Distributed inventory services

Ship or replenish your products from our Australian-wide warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Over time delivery

Our own fleet can help you achieve any urgent over time deliveries.

Eco-friendly 3pl services

Eco-friendly fulfilment and logistics help increase brand favourability in current E-commerce landscape.

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